ACEE is the trusted charity for investing in Alberta’s environmental literacy and stewardship

Our Vision and Mission

The Alberta Council for Environmental Education (ACEE) works collaboratively to advance environmental education in Alberta.  Founded in 2005, our work is guided by the following:

Vision: Alberta is a leader in environmental education, with citizens that are informed and motivated to live more sustainably, be responsible stewards of the environment, and help ensure future generations’ quality of life.

Mission: To work collaboratively to advance environmental education in Alberta.

Although we embrace and support environmental education for ALL audiences in Alberta, we're particularly interested in supporting young people: we believe that educating today’s youth to be tomorrow’s environmental stewards is our best strategy to create a sustainable future. By collaborating with teachers, education providers, parents, and students, ACEE helps youth become aware of the environment, gain an understanding of it, consider environmental issues, act to create a sustainable future - and feel hopeful. When youth are empowered to help the planet, they are hopeful. To see ACEE's programs in action, see our 2020 annual report.

ACEE works at many levels to move environmental education from the margins to mainstream education by:

  • Harnessing youth voice to guide decision makers 
  • Increasing students’ environmental and climate literacy 
  • Building strong networks of collaborative stakeholders 


ACEE works in collaboration using systems thinking: 

  • championing environmental education through our work with education leaders and policy makers
  • convening key stakeholders for strategic conversations and synergies
  • building leaders by igniting and coordinating leadership 
  • connecting the community through networks that support sharing and collaboration 
  • developing partnerships and programs to build teacher and agency capacity  


ACEE's work is informed by the K-12 Environmental Education - Guidelines for Excellence, published in 2019 by the North American Association of Environmental Education, in consultation with hundreds of individuals and organizations representing all aspects of environmental education.  

Our Core Values

These core values guide ACEE as we work to accomplish our vision and mission.  ACEE will be… 

  1. Strategic. ACEE will consult and engage practitioners in activities that support and complement efforts of other environmental education organizations in Alberta, and will develop strategic initiatives based on the community’s needs.
  2. Transparent. ACEE will be transparent and inclusive in its dealings with the EE community, making relevant policies, budgets, and other documents available to all.
  3. Inclusive. ACEE’s activities will be inclusive of all stakeholders and includes formal, non-formal, and informal education.  ACEE board members will have a wide range of relevant competencies, and will be drawn from a diversity of groups within the environmental education community.
  4. Respectful. ACEE will work in a collegial manner to add value to the efforts of the environmental education community.  ACEE will NOT duplicate, compete with, or attempt to represent others in the community.

Our Emerald Award                                                                    



2022 Emerald Award AYLEE Documentary Series


Since 2016 the Alberta Youth Leaders for Enviromental Education (AYLEE) program has been amplifying the voices of Alberta's youth.  In June 2022.  Aylee was awarded the 2022 Emerald Award in the Youth Legacy Category.



“Thanks to ACEE for over a decade of support and leadership! The work of ACEE has been incredibly valuable to help us collaborate, learn from each other, and to advance environmental education.” 

- Judy Archer, Former Manager of Community Education, Calgary Zoo