Gift of Securities

A gift of publicly traded securities, such as stocks, funds, or mutual fund units, is an efficient way to make a gift to ACEE and have an immediate impact on our education, collaboration, and partnership programs.

Donating appreciated securities is simple, cost-effective and the most tax-efficient way to make a charitable gift today or through your estate.

Donating publicly traded securities also provides excellent tax benefits when making your charitable gift, as you get the combined benefit of paying no tax on the capital gain as well as the tax receipt you’ll receive for your donation.

Securities are easy to transfer:

  • Email us to receive a copy of ACEE's transfer form
  • Contact your broker with details of the securities for which you wish to authorize transfer.
  • Next, your broker simply transfers the shares from your account to ACEE’s brokerage account.
  • Once received, our agent will inform us of the gift and the current market value at closing on the day it was received into our account. You will receive a charitable gift receipt for this amount.

Prior to making a gift of securities, please email Executive Director Kathryn Melrose at so that we know to expect your gift.  If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.


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