Workshops for Environmental Educators

ACEE continues to support those that provide environmental education across Alberta. Below are upcoming workshops and webinars as well as a list of previous workshops/webinars and the resources from each session. The content for upcoming workshops is based on the agency needs assessment conducted in August 2021 and our work with environmental education organizations over the past 15 years. For any questions regarding workshops for education providers please contact Kathy Worobec - kathy[at]

Upcoming offerings

May 11, 2022 - 3:30 to 5:00pm MT - Deepening Indigenous Perspectives in Environmental Education


Join us with guest speaker, Dr. Joshua Hill to further explore and enhance Indigenous perspectives in environmental education. Joshua will draw on his extensive experience and knowledge of student learning and his Métis heritage to help us build deeper and stronger Indigenous connections in our environmental education programs. There will be time for learning, discussion and sharing as we continue to work together on our truth and reconciliation journey. Check out our December 9th webinar (link below) to learn more from our earlier webinar on this topic.

Workshop resources from previous sessions