We Support

Curriculum Development

For over ten years ACEE has been supporting curriculum development in Alberta and we will continue to do so. The next few years will see new K – 12 curriculum in all core subject areas in Alberta – and we are at the table with Alberta Education and their partners, leveraging almost a decade of engagement and relationship to ensure our proposed Curriculum for a Sustainable Future is adopted.


Education Leaders 

At ACEE, we are committed to helping education leaders advance environmental education by integrating student learning and school infrastructure throughout Alberta school boards. In the 2021/22 school year, we will do this by:

  • Creating awareness on the need for increased and better environmental education 
  • Providing support to education leaders  as they decide upon which recommended policies to adopt 
  • Hosting webinars to help assist education leaders implement these policies in their respective school districts 


Environmental Educators

The Alberta Council for Environmental Education supports environment and energy educators and their organizations by helping to:

  • Understand more about environment and energy education (e.g. current research and best practices) and make connections between environment, energy and climate change,
  • Share and learn together as a community to improve our programs and lead to more collaboration, and
  • Work collectively to advance environment and energy education by creating regional and provincial common agendas.

There are over 125 environment and energy education program providers active within Alberta. We work to support all of these organizations.



EcoSchools Canada is the largest environmental certification program for K-12 schools in Canada, currently reaching one million Canadian students annually. It provides teachers with a framework to engage their students and entire school community in environmental and climate action projects. The ACEE team is proud to be EcoSchools Canada's on-the-ground delivery partner for Alberta. 



We've researched how to best engage students in environmental learning, and how teachers can 'go there' without incurring the skepticism of administrators or the wrath of parents! To support teachers we have developed workshops, a program called Connecting Classrooms, and partnered with GreenLearning Canada to bring you Energy Revealed. 


Student Leaders

Alberta Youth Leaders for Environmental Education (AYLEE) is a student group from high schools across rural and urban Alberta that demonstrate leadership in environmental, energy, and climate change education in their schools and communities. ACEE is supporting the students in their environmental education projects and providing them with opportunities to have their voices heard in Alberta.